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Car Care Tips from Hills & Dales Auto Care Inc.

We all know how challenging driving in Ohio can be. To help make sure you’re road-ready, we perform a vehicle inspection each time you bring in your car. We recommend you have your vehicle inspected every spring and summer. In addition, here are some tips to keep you safe on the roads.

Use caution in construction zones

In Ohio, orange barrel season is a several-month ordeal, so awareness and caution are musts for the safety of drivers and construction workers from the start of spring until the snow flies. We also remind drivers during all seasons to be aware emergency workers, roadside assistance workers and stranded drivers alongside our highways and state routes. Dozens of highway workers, police and fire personnel, and tow truck drivers are killed each year in Ohio while providing service on our roads.

Ohio Move Over Law

As of 2013, drivers on Ohio’s interstates and state highways can be fined for not moving over one lane when passing a stopped vehicle with flashing or rotating lights on the roadside. This applies to police and fire vehicles, ambulances, tow trucks, and construction, maintenance and utility vehicles. If a driver cannot move over safely, or there is no existing second lane, the driver must slow down when passing one of these vehicles.

Also remember that law requires drivers to yield to moving emergency vehicles using lights/sirens by pulling to the right side of the road and stopping.

Safe practices in work zones

  • Obey road signs that post lane closures, lane changes and construction speed limits.

  • Slow down and anticipate stopped traffic – keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

  • Eliminate distractions – put down your cell phone; have a passenger navigate and watch for additional road signs.

  • Preplan your trips, especially during orange barrel season – choose alternate routes that avoid construction zones (check OHGO.com for updates on construction); if you cannot avoid construction, reduce stress by leaving early and expecting delays.

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