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HD Auto Care Express

Keeping current on car maintenance is easy with HD Auto Care Express. Convenient to car owners in North Canton, Jackson Township and the surrounding area, we are available to handle all your maintenance needs, including oil changes, tire repair, and battery replacement.

Quick and convenient oil changes

Make an appointment and we’ll get you in and out in a jiffy. We provide standard oil, synthetic grades and high-mileage blends for maximum efficiency. Your service includes an oil filter, topping off all fluids and checks of your air and cabin filters.

Tire service and repair

From flat tires to tire rotation, our team has you covered for tire service. We repair flat tires and tires punctured or damaged by debris. Also see our specialists for tire balancing, front end alignment, and new tire installation.

Brake Services

We perform brake inspections and repairs, so you have peace of mind no matter where you go. Our team is skilled in repair and replacement of both disc and drum brakes and all parts, including rotors, pads, calipers, shoes, cylinders, and cables. Make your appointment for an inspection today if your brakes squeal, grind or vibrate, or your brake pedal feels spongy.

Battery Replacement

Cold temperatures can drain your battery quickly, especially if it is an older battery. Bring your car to HD Auto Care Express for battery checks, charges or replacement.

For car maintenance and car repair in North Canton and the surrounding area, choose HD Auto Care Express.

HD Auto Care Express, Make your appointment today.