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Services at Hills & Dales Auto Care Inc.


Many customers visit our shop complaining about the steering of their car or truck pulling to the left or right. This is because their automobiles need aligned. An alignment adjusts the position of the vehicle’s wheels so that they are parallel. The end result of a proper alignment is better control and a much smoother ride.

Brakes Repair

Faulty brakes can be a recipe for disaster, putting your passengers and other motorists at risk. To change and repair a vehicle’s brakes it takes a good amount of time and space. Not to mention, brake repairs can be a frustrating and dirty job for any novice mechanic. But, thankfully brake repairs are performed here at Hills & Dales Auto Care on a daily basis. Our shop has no problem providing the regular maintenance that a vehicle’s braking system  requires.

Oil Change Service

The dreaded oil change, every vehicle needs one on a fairly regular basis. If you are in the Canton area and want to save yourself some time and money, drop by Hills & Dales Auto Care to experience the superior services and expert care with your next oil change.

Cooling System

All those pieces and parts under the hood of an automobile heat up quickly after being driven a distance. If it were not for the cooling system within the car, the vehicle’s engine would overheat and become inoperable.

Fuel Injection Service

All modern day cars use a fuel injection system instead of the carburetor found in older models. The burning of fuel can leave hard carbon deposits on the piston valves and fuel injector nozzles. This interferes with the flow of fuel. To combat this problem, Hills & Dales offers a fuel injection service to clean and restore the fuel injectors to pristine working condition. Fuel Injection Services also help the engine to last longer, reduces toxic emissions, and provides better driving performance

Heating System

There’s no worse time to deal with a malfunctioning heating system in your car or truck than during one of Ohio’s hard hitting winters. It can not only be a danger because of decreased visibility and chilling temperatures, but it’s no good for your vehicle either.

Air Conditioning

Ohio’s summer heat can be sweltering, but Hills & Dales customers keep cool knowing that their automotive repair shop can easily repair and maintain their air conditioning system to provide the comfort they desire.

Transmission Repairs

The transmission transmits the power sent from the engine to the drive mechanism which allows the vehicle to travel. Without a properly working transmission, your vehicle will not be going very far. Even if you are not experiencing transmission problems, routine preventative maintenance is always recommended. Every 30,000 to 40,000 miles a transmission’s fluids and filters should be replaced.

Engine and Emission Repair

At the heart of any vehicle is the engine. But, unfortunately they don’t last forever. So when the time comes and you need work done on your car or truck’s engine call the experts at Hills & Dales. We have the skill and ability to repair, convert, and maintain any engine brought to our shop.Having trouble passing E-check? Is your car releasing unhealthy, toxic, emissions into the air? Well, never fear, Hills & Dales Auto Care has the tools and knowledge to repair your emission problems. We’ll get you on the road to passing your state’s emission testing.

Steering and Suspension

Like parts of the body, one part of a car can affect another. In that way, steering and suspension are linked. One’s proper maintenance, or lack of it, affects the other. With steering and suspension systems working in top notch condition, your vehicle will travel in a smooth straight line, every time. No shakes, no bumps, or thumps.

Shocks and Struts

Worn shocks and struts increase the time and distance needed to stop a vehicle in an emergency situation. Without shock absorbers and struts that smooth bounce free ride you experience in your car or truck would not exist. The struts (found in most front-wheel drive vehicles) and the shock absorbers (found in many trucks and SUVs) absorb the force and bumps of the road.

Tires and Wheel

A vehicle’s tires should be in good condition for not only safety, but for better performance. All vehicles need tires, and driving on Ohio roads can take its toll. They can become quickly worn and torn. No need to worry though, Hills & Dales Auto has all of your tire and wheel needs covered.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Hills & Dales happily provides high quality automotive services for all factory scheduled maintenance on any vehicle. Let Hills & Dales Auto Care keep your car running like the day it pulled off the new car lot.

30k / 60k / 90k Mile Services

Like a visit to the doctor, your vehicle needs its annual checkup. Depending on the mileage put on the vehicle in a period of time, it might even be sooner! Bring your car or truck in to Hills & Dales to make sure it runs in excellent condition at every mile marker.

Suspension Systems and Strut Repair

Suspension systems serve two main purposes, to stabilize the vehicle’s control and handling on the road, and to shield the vehicle’s occupants from the bumps, thuds, and vibrations of the road while they are traveling on. The suspension system does so by keeping the wheels of the vehicle in contact with the road’s surface as much as possible, maximizing the friction between the two.

Drive Axles

A drive axle is an important part of any vehicle. It is the car’s engine which supplies power to the axle and all four wheels, making the wheels turn, and allowing the vehicle to ease on down the road.

4×4 Services

Even the tough and rugged 4×4 vehicles need a little TLC every now and then, and Hills & Dales Auto Care is here to provide it. Maintenance, repair, and conversions are our cup to tea, so whatever your 4×4 needs may be we’re sure to meet them.


Regularly scheduled rotations of tires and vehicle components deliver immense benefits. Maintaining even wear on the tread of all 4 tires prolongs the life of the tires, improves gas mileage, and makes for a smoother ride. Many manufacturers require tire rotation to keep the mileage warranty valid. It’s recommended that a driver have their tires rotated when they get their oil changed, whether the tires show signs of uneven wear or not.


The engine in any vehicle creates a massive amount of heat which can make a vehicle inoperable if not taken care of. To prevent excess friction and total engine failure, the radiator pumps a mixture of water and anti-freeze through the engine’s chambers to cool and absorb the excess heat.

Computer Diagnostics

Like most things in today’s modern world, even the diagnostics of vehicles has gone high tech. Many vehicles now require the use of a computer to diagnose a problem and often times to input or reset many of the needed codes.


The key, once placed in the ignition and turned, causes the starter motor to spin which then turns the engine over until the vehicle starts. “Click, click, click,” that’s the common sound heard when the starter begins to go bad. You put the key in, turn it, but there’s no life being brought to the car’s engine. If the starter does not work, then the car will essentially be dead.


The alternator works with the battery and the voltage regulator to generate electrical power for the vehicles components. Without a properly working alternator a vehicle will lose power to its internal components (radio, dashboard lights, etc.) and eventually to other major components like the headlights, heater, and most importantly the engine. Without a working alternator, your car or truck would be no more than a giant paperweight.
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